How to Stop a Puppy From Biting and Chewing

Puppy chewing on a boot

Puppy Tips – Chewing

Puppies chew. That’s normal behavior and it can be considered a part of growing-up. While many think that puppies bite and chew because they’re teething, it’s actually a form of social play. That’s just how they interact and discover their new surroundings. Many puppy owners worry about the biting habit, concerned for their possessions.

Puppies love to gnaw on every new and shiny thing they encounter so your worry is valid. There are several ways to address this and the most effective is to simply train your puppies accordingly.

Handle your Puppy’s Chewing Habit

It’s easy to get frustrated and irritated by your puppy’s chewing habit. You might not know how to deal with it and end up ignoring it, thinking they’ll eventually grow out of it. Puppies need careful training so that undesirable behavior doesn’t carry on to adulthood.

  • Take care of your possessions: Its good practice to keep tempting things out of sight. Keep your clothes, books, glasses, showpieces, remote control out of your puppies reach at all times. Denying them access is the best way to keep your possessions safe.
  • Proper Supervision: Like children, puppies need to be monitored constantly. Keep your puppy on the leash when you’re not with them. That way, they can’t get into trouble when they are out of your supervision. If you’re not able to watch over them, keep them contained in their own play area. This area should be puppy-proof and have dog toys and items that are safe for them. Ensure that they have fresh water at all times.
  • Give them some care and affection: Puppies thrive on attention so set aside some time daily to lavish them with your affection. When you’re spending time with your puppy, you can catch them while they are making mistakes.
  • Ensure that they get a physical and mental workout: A bored puppy is a destructive one. Your little pet is a bundle of energy and if you don’t channel that, they’re going to find different, undesirable outlets. Make sure that your puppy gets plenty of mental and physical exercise.
  • Correct bad behavior immediately: When you spot them biting or chewing on something that they are not allowed to chew, stop them immediately and correct them on the spot. You can interrupt them with a loud noise, which would be enough to startle them. Once they have dropped the item, move it away and give them an acceptable chew toy. When they take the toy into their mouth, praise them and shower them with affection. That’s one of the best ways puppies learn from their mistakes.
  • Soothe teething puppies with cold wet rags: Cold cloth would soothe their aching gums. Ensure that they don’t chew and swallow pieces of the cloth.
  • Offer a treat: This should only be done in moderation, but you can offer them a treat in exchange of the item that have in their mouth. Don’t encourage this and make it a habit, lest they start to chew things just to get a treat.

It might require time and a bit of patience, but eventually, your puppy will stop biting. Of course, there might be a few accidents but biting won’t become a regular habit.

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