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Litter Box for Kittens

How do I Teach my New Kitten to use the Litter Box?

The number one behavioral problem of cats is urinating out of the litter box (inappropriate elimination).  There are several things that can cause this frustrating problem.  The following comments are included to prevent problems later because cats are particular bout their litter boxes, the litter, and the location.

Choose a litter box that is large enough for your cat to fit in comfortably.  It needs to be able to turn around freely.  An 18 x 14 inch box with 4 inch sides is appropriate for most adult cats.  Kittens may need a box with shorter sides so they can get in and out easily.

We do not recommend a box with a top (hood).  Although hooded litter boxes are more private and better contain the litter, they also trap odors and dust inside.  Because cats are so fastidious, these odors often cause them to seek other places to urinate.  Many cats exhibiting inappropriate urination will return to their litter boxes once the lid is removed.

Fecal matter and wet litter need to be removed once daily for each cat that uses the litter box.  Even with clumping litter, a monthly scrubbing of the litter box removes odors that may collect in the box itself.  Use warm, soapy water and avoid scented disinfectants.

The location of the litter box is important.  It should be on an easily cleaned surface.  Litter is often scratched or tracked out of the litter box.  It is very important that the litter box be placed in a quiet, non-threatening location.  Cats need their privacy and will avoid a litter box that is in a high traffic area or a location accessible to dogs.

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