Physical Examinations and Wellness

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Indianapolis Pet Physical Examinations and Wellness

Our pets are living, breathing creatures – and they have no “check engine” lights which warn us when something isn’t quite right. That’s why it’s important to have regular health checks and wellness exams.

The staff at Academy Animal recommends a thorough, yearly exam with preventative wellness blood work and breed-specific screenings, designed to accommodate your pet’s particular needs.

Routine Checks

A yearly physical exam checks all major systems for your animal:

    • Attitude/appearance
    • Oral cavity
    • Teeth
    • Mucus membranes
    • Eyes
    • Ears
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Respiratory system
    • Gastrointestinal (GI) system
    • Musculoskeletal system
    • Lymph nodes
    • Urogenital system
    • Integumentary system (skin)
    • Nervous system
    • Pain
    • Diet
    • Temperature
    • Pulse rate
    • Respiratory rate
    • Weight

Any owner concerns or questions are also addressed by the veterinarian.

Dogs older than six months should be screened for heartworm, and all dogs and puppies over 8 weeks placed on heartworm prevention.

For dogs and cats under seven years of age, a junior wellness blood profile screen is recommended – and discounted significantly when purchased in conjunction with the annual exam package, which includes a fecal check for intestinal parasites.

For animals over seven years of age, a more complete senior wellness blood screen is the recommendation – as well as blood pressure checks and breed-specific screening for diseases such as glaucoma, keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye), cardiomyopathy, and mitral valve disease.

Vaccines and Discounts

There is a $20 discount on the annual exam package for dogs when you purchase a DALPP vaccine, rabies vaccine, fecal exam, and heartworm exam. There is no charge for the actual physical exam.

Additional vaccinations (if necessary) include bordetella, corona, lyme disease and canine influenza.

There is a discount on the junior wellness bloodwork if it is done in conjunction with the yearly exam.

The Right Health Package for Your Pet

In addition to the vaccinations, wellness exams and bloodwork, Academy Animal Hospital offers a variety of diagnostic tests for issues like blood pressure, skin rashes and fungal infections. If an ultrasound or X-ray is indicated, a specialist from Purdue performs and reviews the results.

The health professionals at Academy Animal Hospital can design a package tailored to the needs of your pet – taking into consideration age, breed, exposure level and risk (indoors or outdoors) and life style. They’re always available to help educate you on your pet’s health needs and preventative measures.

“We reviewed bloodwork on a dog and found one enzyme a little off,” says Dr. Vinson at Academy Animal. “It turned out to be a mass in the spleen, which we were able to remove.” The dog had cancer, and this surgery gave the animal four more years.

It’s always best to detect disease early. For example, with kidney disease, sometimes just changing to a prescription diet at an early stage can slow down the progression of the disease significantly.

Most veterinary professionals would agree that regular exams provide opportunities to do things now which can prevent problems later. Your pet may not have a “service engine” light – but keeping a close watch is just as effective.


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