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Shed-less Treatment

Shed-less treatments remove dead hair and dander from your dog that would otherwise be shed in your home and car. This treatment is great for dogs, who usually enjoy the process, and will benefit you if you’re sensitive to pet dander or hair, or find yourself constantly cleaning pet hair.

Drop your pet off between 7 and 8 in the morning, and pick him up in the late afternoon or early evening. It’s that simple and convenient!

How Do The Treatments Work?

Shed-less treatments involve using a series of different shampoos and brushes. While they don’t stop the natural shedding process and aren’t a one time cure, when done regularly, the treatments get the undercoating out and reduce shedding.

The first treatment will result in a lot of hair loss and disturb your dog’s undercoat, with more hair loss occurring at home. But, after repeated use, you’ll notice a significant decrease in the amount shedding.

How Often are Shed-less Treatments Needed?

We recommend treatments to be done every 4-6 weeks, depending on the dog. If your dog is a heavy shedder, he may benefit from weekly treatments. For dogs with short hair that don’t shed heavily, a treatment every 6 weeks is sufficient.

For optimum results, treatments should be done year round.

Shed-less Treatment Pricing

Pricing will vary based on animal size and hair coat, going up in increments for every 10 pounds (capping at 110 pounds and over).

Additional Information

Sometimes shed-less treatments can’t be done when an animal’s hair is really matted, as it would hurt the dog. In these cases, we recommend only shaving down the hair.

For pets with skin conditions, the groomer can incorporate a medicated bath into the shed-less treatment, but there is an additional cost as it is a separate service.

For more information, or to make an appointment, contact us today.

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