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Dental Surgery for Your Pet

pet dental surgery

Melanoma after surgery

pet dental surgery

Melanoma before removal

There are times a pet requires a dental surgical procedure, and the veterinarians and their team at Academy Animal are experienced medical professionals ready to help your pet back to health.

Usually, when a pet needs dental surgery, it’s to remove a growth or an abscessed (infected) tooth. Always performed under anesthesia, people are generally asked to prepare their pets by giving them nothing to eat or drink after 10 pm the evening before the treatment.

Growth Removal

Academy Animal vets may surgically remove any lump, knot or abnormal growth in the mouth. Epulis, for example, is a condition common in Boxers, and is an overgrowth of tissue (hyperplasia) that can be so extensive it covers some of the teeth. Although this condition is not seen frequently, it does happen, and must be surgically removed.

The majority of any growths removed are sent to a pathology lab at Purdue University to determine whether it is benign or malignant.

Abscessed Tooth

If a tooth is fractured and abscessed, or if there is enough gum recession the infection has gone up into the root of the tooth, we will do an X-ray to determine the correct tooth, then extract or remove the tooth using the appropriate instruments. After any procedure, the pet is put on antibiotics to prevent further possible infection.

Depending on which tooth is removed, especially in the case of canine teeth, we’ll do a tissue flap over the hole that was left by the extraction. This means we take a flap of the gum, and sew it over the hole to prevent an oronasal fistula from forming. The tissue is usually taken from the same area, so it’s not technically a transplant, more a re-positioning of the remaining normal tissue. The sutures are absorbable and do not need to be removed.

After Surgery

If there was a major extraction or growth removal, we do recommend some pain medication for your pet. Typically you don’t need to modify your pet’s diet, but you may want to moisten the food or temporarily use a veterinarian-approved canned food for a few days.

For more information about dental surgery or any of our services, please contact us today to set up an appointment.

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