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Why Dogs Eat Poop

Okay, so your dog ate a little poop, don’t panic. Yes, it’s gross, but he may have a good reason for doing it. Your pet could be showing you that something could be wrong with his digestion or he is mimicking behavior. You don’t need to guess. At Academy Animal, we’re committed to providing quality

Boston Terrier Puppy on Leash

4 Things a First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason: they are loyal, affectionate and social. But they require a great deal of discipline and interaction–much more so than cats. If you’ve never owned a dog, it’s best to research breeds and decide which you prefer. But be prepared for the responsibilities that come with

Dog walking in the park

Safety First when Approaching Unfamiliar Dogs

People signal their moods throughout the day by talking, using body language and facial expressions. But dogs, especially dogs you don’t know, are harder to read. Understanding a dog’s warning signals is critical. According to WebMD, 4.7 million people in America are bitten per year and 5 out of 9 children are attacked by the

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